The Responsibilities of the Church: Preaching, Part 2
Saturday, August 30, 2014


From the persecution and oppression of an increasingly secular the ever-present danger of falseteachers...your church faces attacks from without and from within. So how do you defend against these can the church protect itself from being pushed off its doctrinal bearings?

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The Anatomy of the Church (Audio Series)

How can a church be all that God wants it to be? John MacArthur, Jr., answers that question by using Paul’s analogy of the church as a body. First, you’ll learn about the skeleton of a church—the foundational things a church must be committed to. Next, you’ll examine the internal organs, which are proper spiritual attitudes. Third, you’ll look at the muscles, or the functions of a church. Last, you’ll learn about the flesh of a church, which is its visible method of ministry.