Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson
How Does Obama Compare to Christ - The Next Four Years
Some refer to him as the "Apostle." Some are comparing Barrack Obama to Jesus Christ, as he heads towards his second term. We did come up with some differences between Obama and Jesus Christ on this edition of the program. What will happen to the old conservative curmudgeons, pro-lifers, and far-righters over the next four years? Prepare for marginalization, my friends!
  • Thursday, January 24, 2013

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The Tattooed Jesus

In an age of Western apostasy, it should come as no surprise to find cultural apostasy leading the way.  In this pungent little book, Kevin Swanson challenges the modern Christians that capitulate to the post-Christian worldviews and cultural expressions.  He doggedly refuses to separate worldviews and culture, pressing hard for repentance, or a change of worldview in the mind the reader.

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