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Fulfilling the Mission of Jesus – I
Historian and Bible Teacher Ray Vander Laan inspires Christians to engage the culture for Christ, by looking at Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension. He’ll reveal some astonishing details about practices in first century Rome that provide context for the bold stand that early Christians took for their faith.
  • Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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That the World May Know-Volume 14: Mission of Jesus, Discovery Guide and DVD

In the region of Galilee, Jesus revealed the power ofGod's Kingdom and His role as King. The "good news" of Hisshalom sent ripples through Israel - stirring the hearts of new followers and challenging the rule of an empire.

In this 14th volume of the That The World May Know ® film series, Biblical historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan guides viewers on Jesus' path through Israel - while exploring the rule of ancient Rome - and reveals how God brought triumph in a world of chaos.

Great for small group studies or individuals, this 5-lesson video resource vividly teaches Christians how to bring God's shalom to the chaos of others.

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