Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk with Dr. Dobson
Reaching Out to Youth in Need, Part 1
The sad truth is that 40% of today's children are born into a home without a father. There is hope, however. Tune in today to learn how a simple mentoring relationship can change the life of an at-risk child or teen and prevent them from becoming another statistic.

Featured Offer from Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

Life on the Edge

Some of the most dramatic and permanent changes in life will occur during the "critical decade"—those ten years between 16 and 26. This book is written to that audience.

Like a trusted friend who understands, Dr. James Dobson candidly addresses the issues that today's young adults face. In his warm, conversational style, he reveals principles to help you make right choices and get the direction you need in order to look forward to a bright and successful future

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