Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson
Depression: Encouragement for the Journey - I
The highs and lows of depression and anxiety are something that well-loved pastor Tommy Nelson has experienced firsthand.  He describes it as feeling like being stuck in fifth gear … with the emergency brake on.  Join us as Pastor Nelson discusses his journey and reveals some helpful – and hopeful – facts regarding this issue.

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Certain Peace in Uncertain Times

Is your world spinning out of control—and taking you with it? Do you long to replace constant worry with a sense of lasting tranquility? Find calm amidst the chaos! Join Shirley Dobson to see how the remarkable gift of prayer has brought peace to her life, and how it can do the same for you.

Discover P.R.A.Y., a four-step approach to prayer—Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield—that will lead you into a fulfilling, intimate relationship with God, our true source of hope and security.

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