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Honorable D-Mention - Anyone
In today's society, honor is a rare commodity. It's a virtue or value we have often convinced ourselves is reserved for military awards, professional achievements or scholastic accomplishments. So when it comes to our everyday lives, the routines and schedules, we convince ourselves that honor isn't really necessary.

In this series, though, Ed Young shows us the power of a life of honor. And we discover just what it takes to tap into the fullness of the life God has in store for us-a life that is elevated and empowered when we bring honor back.

A quick view of today's landscape reveals a society that is riddled with disrespect, disgrace and degradation. Everywhere we turn, we're bombarded with attitudes, behaviors and words that can pull us down into a spiral of dishonor. But God wants us to discover something greater. Here, Ed Young looks at the life of a pivotal biblical character. And we discover that this man's willingness to honor anyone is a model for us today. Because when we are willing to go on a search for people we can honor, we find a path toward blessing and elevation that God wants us to discover.

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