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Crazy Pill - Crawl Away from Crazy

We know them when we see them, and they're everywhere. We spot them across the room at family gatherings. We sense them walking down the street in our neighborhood. And we go to great lengths to dodge them at the office.Why? Because we're convinced they've taken the crazy pill.

 In this series, Ed Young peels back the label on the bottle of crazy pills in our world. And as he looks into what drives us crazy, what keeps us there and how to deal with the crazy people in our lives, he shows us that being crazy isn't always bad if we're crazy for the right things.

The Bible is full of examples of people who ran full speed away from God and smacked right into crazy before realizing there's a way out. In this message, Ed Young revisits one of those characters. And as we study the depression Elijah experienced, we discover that his behavior was only temporary. Because when he encountered God, he found out exactly what it takes to crawl away from crazy.
April 17, 2011
Series:Crazy Pill

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