Changed By The Word with Dr. J. Bruce Sofia
Today we start a two part sermon series entitled “Made by the Word”. Our study is in Psalm 33. In this hymn, David makes the statement “God is faithful in all he does”. The word of God is faithful and true. Many times life’s difficulties get us upset or down, specifically where it feels like God is distant from us. However, the truth is God is always there during the trials of life. Join us today while we learn what God wants to teach us from Psalm 33.

Featured Offer from Changed By The Word

Resolving Offenses God's Way

We all have offenses. There's no way we can avoid them. They are a part of everyone's life. Some offenses are small and can be overlooked. But some are insurmountable. These hurts can last anywhere from a day to a lifetime!

In this message, Resolving Offenses God's Way, Bruce Sofia provides the believer with God's "resolve" to any offenses that we may encounter in our lives. You can live in true freedom and not the captivity that holding on to an offense can cause.

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