Changed By The Word with Dr. J. Bruce Sofia
Christianity – A Religion or Philosophy
Today on Changed by the Word, we conclude our discussion of Is Christianity a religion or a philosophy. We raise the question, “What is our philosophy of life?”, and Pastor Bruce answers this question with an illustration of Paul and Silas in prison and the hardship they were suffering from Acts chapter 16. Stay tuned to today’s broadcast conclusion of “Christianity, is it a religion or a philosophy.

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When difficult and seemingly unexplainable circumstances happen in life - tornados, earthquakes, cancer, drug overdose, people with mental or physical challenges, divorce and more - we tend to ask God, “Why?”.

In this 2-part sermon, ”Where Was God When...?”, Bruce Sofia explains how we can best respond to the tragic events that occur in our lives. He also addresses “Where does evil comefrom?” Finally, in exploring God’s attributes, we learn that when we change the question from WHY to HOW (do I respond...), we lay hold of that deep settled peace, which guards our minds and hearts in Christ Jesus.

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