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Critical: Sound Doctrine When Ministering to Public Servants

March 21, 2017

The legitimacy of the Christian faith rests on the finished work of Christ on our behalf. His conquest over sin is authenticated by His rising from the dead. Therefore the resurrection is the crux of Christianity. In contrast to other major religions of the world — all of which are works-based soteriological systems — it follows that without the resurrection an individual remains in his or her sin, unacceptable to a holy, righteous God. It is this biblical understanding of faith — which Scripture refers to as the faith — that I want to concentrate on this week in our study...

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Ralph is a third-generation Californian. At 7’1” he played basketball for legendary Coach John Wooden at UCLA and was the first player to go to four NCAA Final-Four Tournaments. Both his Junior and Senior years he was an Academic All-American, graduating with a degree in Ecosystems. He later earned a Master’s of Divinity Degree from The Master’s Seminary. Ralph turned down NBA opportunities to play with Athletes in Action. With that organization, for four years he toured the world and preached the Gospel during halftimes. In 1980 Ralph became the first player signed by the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA expansion draft. Later, Ralph served in sports ministry as the Director of Sports Outreach America.

With a mission to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the political leaders of the world, in 1996, Ralph and his wife Danielle, founded Capitol Ministries. Capitol Ministries has planted evangelistic, discipleship ministries in Capitols throughout the United States and the world. Ralph personally leads weekly Bible studies to Cabinet Members, U.S. Senators and Representatives in Washington D.C. The couple has three grown children, John, Susan and Scott, and seven grandchildren.

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