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Christian Growth and Development

Have you ever heard someone say - I don't need to go to church? I just worship God everywhere I am, and I have church right here at home? Or, have you heard it said, I would love to serve God, but I just don't have time? Fellowship with other believers, and serving the Lord in the church are just two of the ten key topics that Pastor Lloyd explores on his latest series, Christian Growth and Development. In this series, Pastor Lloyd examines the importance of fellowship, our call to serve, knowing what we believe, being filled with Spirit, understanding God's blueprint for marriage, and much more. If you are looking for clear-cut teaching on how to grow in your walk with the Lord, then do not miss this series! All 10 messages in Christian Growth and Development are our gift to you, in MP3 format, when you support Bridging the Gap with a gift of any amount throughout this month. You will want to download these messages, and then pass this MP3 CD along to your friends! And, as always, your monthly gifts to Bridging the Gap make it possible for us to continue to reach listeners throughout the nation and abroad with the life- changing Word of God.