Bible Answer Man with Hank Hanegraaff
Best of BAM: The Importance of Apologetics in College, and Q&A

On today's Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank relates a conversation he had with his daughter who is attending college. While explaining that morality is not dependent on God, one of her liberal professors invoked the Euthyphro dilemma. Not knowing how to deal with this conundrum, she went to The Complete Bible Answer Book Collector's Edition and was able to answer this objection. And in doing so, stressed the need for apologetics on college campuses.

Hank answers the following questions:

  • Is the lake of fire different from hell or are they the same thing?
  • Did Satan want Jesus to go to the cross or not? Did he know God's plan?
  • An atheist I am talking with says the Genesis account is flawed because light was created prior to the sun, moon, and stars. Is there an answer for this?
  • Does Old Testament law require a rape victim to marry her rapist?
  • Can you explain the reference to Jesus being a Nazarene in Matthew 2:23?
  • Is the mark of the beast still a future event?
  • Should we be looking for an evangelical President? Are there any texts we can go to in Scripture to help in this regard?
  • If I was a Muslim reading the Bible, and came to the story of Lot and his daughters, wouldn't I think the Bible is unethical?
  • Saturday, February 13, 2016

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