Active Word: Bob Coy
Where's Your Mind?
Where's Your Mind?
  • Thursday, February 16, 2012

Featured Offer from Active Word: Bob Coy

One Almost Surrendered Life

If you were to meet Bob Coy on the street, you’d probably find him much like yourself. His story is that of any ordinary guy. Like a lot of us, Bob’s dreams of fame and fortune turned to a reality of disappointment and destruction. On the outside, he seemed to have it all together—a great job, nice car, amazing digs, and plenty of women. Yet, inside he was empty and dying. He longed for a life of fulfillment that seemed to elude him until Christmas 1980 when Bob Coy surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. In One Almost Surrendered Life, Pastor Bob shares the incredible journey from his fast-paced existence as an executive of Capital Records to his supernatural walk with Christ. In this book, Pastor Bob will lovingly reveal that God has a plan for you and how you can discover your remarkable story through the grace of God. He is a true example of what God can do through even one surrendered life.

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