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Juanita Price proclaims God's Word with authority, grace and love. The teachings of Absolute Truth, intentionally seek to provoke a change of heart, mind and actions which glorify God and overwhelms the soul with the Peace of God.

About Juanita Price

Born the oldest of 5 children and raised by her mom who was widowed by the age of 30 years old, Juanita’s life speaks volumes on the devastations that result from the absence of a father. Still, God instilled in her heart as a child that despite poverty, depression and fear, she was not ordinary by any means. Armed with this knowledge, Juanita refused to be paralyzed in any way or boxed in by stereotypes, competing world views or otherwise concerning her race, sex, environment, social status, etc.

It was at the age of 12 years old that she received her calling to the ministry. However, she did not respond to this call until 12 years later as her life quickly spiraled out of control after God’s initial calling.

But as is God’s specialty, each and every disappointment, tragedy and attempt at taking her life propelled her into the arms of God and pulled out of her mouth the word,YES!

Professionally, she is a licensed Customs Broker and business owner. Although she considers her accomplishments in business as a testament to the Lord’s promise to pay what is right to those who give of themselves in service to Him, her pearl of great price can be found in the fields of her 20 plus years of Evangelism.

She received a certificate in Christian Teaching in 1990 and thereafter spent the next 20 years studying a combination of Theology, Christian Education, Culture and Apologetics through various universities including Oxford University in Oxford England.

Today, she is the Director of Education at Saved Souls Ministries in New Jersey. She heads a growing school of ministry (Logos Institute of Ministry and Biblical Studies) where she also teaches Effective Speaking and Apologetics; both of which she feels are necessary for evangelism in today’s society.

At Logos, aspiring leaders are prepared for the work of the ministry specifically in the areas of Evangelism, Missions and basic Apologetics.

As part of their learning experience, the students accompany her on missions trips to third world countries where they receive further training and witness all that is involved in foreign missions. She has traveled extensively for the last 20 years teaching and preaching in prisons, churches, schools both on foreign and domestic soils. Some of her international travels include the nations of Jamaica, Nigeria, Haiti and Portugal.

She has authored several books including Memoirs of a Woman Scorned, Saved but Bound, and What Happens after you Believe.

Her goal is simple. That is to make disciples of men, to liberate those who are captive, to give answers to questions that present barriers to belief in Christ and to serve in any other way that lifts up the Name of Jesus Christ.

She believes and teaches that the only life worth living and boasting about is one that lives to glorify God.

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