ICM's Mini Bible College 4:00 AM Eastern

Show Name Host Name Eastern
The Winning WalkDr. Ed Young4:30 AM
Hope For The HeartJune Hunt5:00 AM
A New BeginningGreg Laurie5:30 AM
Thru the BibleDr. J. Vernon McGee6:00 AM
Destined for Victory Paul Sheppard 6:30 AM
Truth For LifeAlistair Begg7:00 AM
Running To WinDr. Erwin W. Lutzer7:30 AM
FamilyLife Today®Dennis Rainey8:00 AM
The ConnectionSkip Heitzig8:30 AM
Family TalkDr. James Dobson9:00 AM
Precepts for LifeKay Arthur9:30 AM
Understanding the TimesJan Markell10:00 AM
Understanding the TimesJan Markell10:30 AM
Telling the TruthStuart, Jill & Pete Briscoe11:00 AM
Daily HopePastor Rick Warren11:30 AM
Bible Answer ManHank Hanegraaff12:00 PM
Bible Answer ManHank Hanegraaff12:30 PM
Living on the EdgeChip Ingram1:00 PM
Focus on the FamilyJim Daly1:30 PM
Hope For The HeartJune Hunt2:00 PM
Discover the WordMart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, and Brian Hettinga2:30 PM
The AlternativeDr. Tony Evans3:00 PM
Insight for LivingChuck Swindoll3:30 PM
Love Worth FindingAdrian Rogers4:00 PM
Turning PointDr. David Jeremiah4:30 PM
ICM's Mini Bible CollegeDick Woodward 5:00 PM
From His HeartDr. Jeff Schreve5:30 PM
A New BeginningGreg Laurie6:00 PM
Back to the BibleRon Moore6:30 PM
Richard Ellis TalksRichard Ellis7:00 PM
Grace to YouJohn MacArthur7:30 PM
PowerPointJack Graham8:00 PM
FamilyLife Today®Dennis Rainey8:30 PM
The Winning WalkDr. Ed Young9:00 PM
Discover the WordMart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, and Brian Hettinga9:30 PM
Truth That Changes LivesJP Jones10:00 PM
Love Worth FindingAdrian Rogers10:30 PM
Truth For LifeAlistair Begg11:00 PM
Focal PointPastor Mike Fabarez11:30 PM
Living on the EdgeChip Ingram12:00 AM
PowerPointJack Graham12:30 AM
From the MLJ ArchiveDr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones1:00 AM
From the MLJ ArchiveDr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones1:30 AM
Family TalkDr. James Dobson2:00 AM
Insight for LivingChuck Swindoll2:30 AM
Daily HopePastor Rick Warren3:00 AM