Truth For Life Sermons with Alistair Begg
Centuries ago, a group of men stepped foot into a bustling city ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Their story is recorded for us in the Bible. Alistair Begg describes those early days in Philippi and the letter that’s impacted lives for generations!

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My Best-Ever Book of Bible Stories

Award-winning author and illustrator PhiI A. Smouse presents the truth of Scripture to young children though fun, brightly illustrated stories that families will enjoy for years to come. My Best-Ever Book of Bible Stories contains 17 Gospel-centered stories told in humorous rhyme. Clever retellings of key Scripture from both the Old and New Testament teach young children about Creation, Adam and Eve, the Good Samaritan, and Jesus and Nicodemus. Most importantly, My Best-Ever Book of Bible Stories is an engaging way for adults to share biblical truth with the children in their lives.

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