ICM's Mini Bible College with Dick Woodward
The Law of God and your Wife
In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus urges His disciples to follow certain spiritual or vertical, disciplines and values. The first spiritual discipline Jesus requires of those who want to be one of His solutions is the discipline of Biblical stewardship --- understanding that all we have and are belongs to God, and we are only managers. God rewards private and devout giving and openly rewards what is done in secret. It reflects a vertical focus on God rather than on impressing people. 

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Free Book: The God Who Hung on the Cross

This newly revised paperback edition features reflections on 25 years in ministry by Dois Rosser. The book details the history and vision of ICM, the parent organization for the Mini Bible College, and the vehicle for distributing MBC to congregations around the world. Dois' story is an inspiration, encouraging Christians to give of their time and resources to experience the abundant power of God at work. Journey around the world with Dois and discover that you too can be a part of something bigger than yourself!

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