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Integrity Moments - Jan. 6, 2011

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Unprofessional Conduct 
By Rick Boxx
January 6, 2011

Four Johnson County Community College nursing students were kicked out of nursing school for taking a picture with a human placenta in their lab class. At least one of the students then posted the picture on Facebook.


According to the Kansas City Star, their dismissal was due to their lack of professional behavior. Medical professionals are taught that all patients are to be treated with dignity and respect, presumably including their body parts. To violate that is usually considered shameful.


Proverbs 14:35 teaches, "The king's favor is toward a servant who acts wisely, but his anger is toward him who acts shamefully."

It may have not felt shameful to these students to photograph and post a placenta, but they should've known it was a sign of disrespect to those in authority. 

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