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How to Love Your Wife: Killing Selfishness with Self-Interest Part 3b
Ephesians 5:21 - 6:9 It's good that you're reading this album description. Not very many people are interested in the topic of authority and submission. But God is. Not only did He ordain relationships of authority and submission in every institution He created, but He exists in an authority and submission relationship even within the Trinity! Understanding these principles is the key to a strong marriage, successful Christian parenting and finding fulfillment in your work.

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What’s So Great About God?

It is not enough to learn true things about God.

It is not even enough to experience the benefits of His attributes. We must not be satisfied until our experience of each attribute has been profound enough to move our soul toward deeper love for God.

We must keep learning and experiencing what is so wonderful about each attribute until there is a response in our affections -sparks of actual joy, peace, delight, awe, fear of God, security, satisfaction of soul, comfort, courage, and all the other benefits

Scripture promises will come from the nearness of God’s favorable presence. Each one of God’s attributes is a single ray in the spectrum of the brilliant radiance of His glory. That glory is an ocean, and just one drop of that ocean, if you could just see it clearly, would be enough to delight your soul and occupy your faculties of praise for all eternity.

This book is a journal of how God has been opening my eyes the past few years to begin to see a glimpse of that drop.

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