Watchman Radio Hour with Alex Dodson
Beware of Judging Others
It is easy to find fault in others and yet be blind to our own faults. When we realize that we also will have to stand before the Judgment seat of God and that we are responsible to Him for our thoughts and actions, we will be more careful how we criticize others. Our lives are being lived in the presence of God and what we say and think are important for we are accountable to the One who knows the secrets of our hearts.

Next Week's Message: Persevering in Prayer
  • Saturday, October 10, 2009
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Help Reach the Mountain People

Pastor Ferdinand Duyaguit records gospel programs for broadcast to the mountain people on Negros Island in the Philippines. These broadcasts reach out every week to many families who need to hear the gospel. Watchmen Radio Ministries International works with Pastor Ferdinand to help him and his coworkers reach out to the mountain people with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you prayerfully consider giving a contribution to help in this important work.

Check out the sounds of the Philippines

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