The Future of America with Ramon and Nena Arias
Let's Talk About Higher Education Part 1
Much emphasis is placed on education, yet, many are concerned how the USA has lost the edge in world education.  Since there is a general agreement regarding the importance of education, let us go beyond and look at America’s fundamental root problem. Is it possible to comprehend the root of America’s educational foundation without seriously looking into her origins before it became a nation? The answer is no. We must look to her past and compare it to the present so we know what the future holds for America.

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Restoring America: One County At A Time

"I want to see America free again! So, what do I do?"

This is an often asked but rarely answered question, that is, until now...

The answers to that question are in this book. Restoring America One County at a Time is an action manual for anyone concerned about liberty. But it's much more than just an action manual. It boldly represents the type of iconoclastic history lessons, biblical studies, moral challenges, unpopular truths and reformational remedies a restored Christian republic will require. This is a training manual designed to empower your whole education and worldview.

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