The Living Hope with Pastor P.M. Smith
When you look for Biblical Leadership Don't look for Rock Stars or Super Stars!!!
Character is everything!!!

The Lord gives us a promise in Matthew 16:18 and shows us an example of Godly Leadership in Exodus 18:21. Two principals found in these verses are:

Principal #1 - Biblical leadership is more a matter of a heart condition rather than their job description.
Principal #2 - Build your leadership team by finding men of ability, piety, veracity and honesty.
  • Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Ministry Information

Huber Memorial Church is an urban ministry located in Baltimore City, Maryland. Our mission is to rescue the children, redeem the family and recreate community. We do this by impacting this generation and changing the next generation…one mind at a time, one heart at a time, one life at a time and one home at a time. And we do this all to the Glory of God.

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